Daily Link: The Importance of Chemistry

The Nets may lack a true superstar, but Jason Schreier of Real GM thinks the Nets could building something successful with something more important than a Carmelo Anthony-type player: chemistry. Schreier compares the Nets to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who went from one of the worst team’s in the league to a near first round upset of the World Champion Lakers last year:

With Avery Johnson running the team, the Nets might be able to achieve similar results. The team’s exceptionally talented young players – Lopez, Williams, Favors – need to be given the time and space to develop alongside more experienced players like Harris and Murphy. Locker room problems like former guard Chris Douglas-Roberts need to be zapped immediately, and the Nets should seek out vets who are known for teamwork, like Grant Hill or Shane Battier.

I love the positivity, but keep in mind that OKC has one of the best players in basketball with Kevin Durant. OKC didn’t need to import a superstar because they already had one. Is Derrick Favors that superstar for the Nets? It’s going to be a while before we know, but I still think the Nets need to take advantage of their assets and cap flexibility if the right player comes along.