Daily Link: So About this Chris Paul Guy

NAS linked to some rumors a few weeks that had the Nets possibly making a play for disgruntled NOLA point guard Chris Paul. Now that he’s openly demanded a trade, thanks in large part to the influence of World Wide Wes and LeFraud, the Nets, in a distant way, are getting linked to CP3 again. ESPN’s Chris Broussard says the Magic are Paul’s “preferred” destination, though the Nets could possibly make a play for him.

Two things:

1. If the Nets have to dump Derrick Favors and take on Emeka Okafor’s contract to make this deal happen, as NetsDaily is speculating, then no thanks.

2. For the sake of the NOLA franchise and the NBA, it would serve Paul right if they either kept him or shipped him to Siberia (Minnesota, I hear Kahn could use a PG). Remember when I said a few weeks ago that “Miami thrice” was going to be bad longterm for the NBA? CP3, who if you believe the Woj report is being heavily influenced by LeBron’s (no)braintrust, appears to be the first bit of fallout. This idea of concentrating all of the elite talent in the NBA into very small focal points, is going to kill whatever parity is left in the NBA. Maybe I’m speaking out of turn, but quite frankly, I’m tired as it is of the last three years of Lakers and Celtics. If I have to watch the Magic and Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals for the next six years, that might be enough for me to lose interest in this game completely. Dynasties, when they’re built through lopsided trades and players holding their teams hostage, are no fun. Sorry to be a buzzkill.