Daily Link: Prokhorov’s Pen Pal

The Record’s Al Iannazzone has had some interesting correspondences lately, including one with Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov. In an e-mail to Iannazzone, Prokhorov reiterated his goal to be a championship contender and believe with time, that dream will come true:

“The great thing about sports is you can have an underdog that with time becomes a winner. We no longer have a losing mentality, and that is a huge step for the Nets.

“My dream is for kids in Russia and China and Brazil to have pictures of our players up on their walls. … Maybe being an outsider lets me bring something fresh to the team and the league.”

As I’ll get to later today, while I respect Prokhorov’s lofty goals, I’m starting to question this team’s current core of being capable of being built around. There are a number of players on this team who are playing like they hardly belong in the league and those who do have actual talent are dealing with the dubious honor of being the best players on some very very awful teams. I don’t really have solutions, but if this team is going to win in 5 years, I suspect there will be very few holdovers, if any, from this current roster.