Daily Link: Nets Still Angling for Chris Paul

According to Mitch Lawrence and the Daily News, the Nets are still trying to trade for New Orleans Hornets’ PG Chris Paul, apparently offering Devin Harris and the #3 pick in the draft to make it happen. But with a new coach coming in and NOLA trying to turn over a new leaf, they reportedly are not interested in trading their lone box office draw in Paul:

“We are not going to move him,” said one team official Monday. “He’s our foundation and is not exactly ‘touchable.'”

I think given all of the Avery Johnson/Devin talk that’s transpired since Johnson has come aboard, it would be interesting to see the Nets just turn around and trade for Paul. It’s the kind of move this team hasn’t made since Kidd for Marbury.


Also, our boy Sebastian is going to be appearing on The Basketball Jones mock draft, streaming live at noon today. Good luck Sebastian. We’re all counting on you.


Here is the link for the post.  Check in around 12.