Daily Link: Jay-Z Says Prokhorov Can Handle LeBron

The Daily News this morning talks about a quote from Jay-Z that’s set to appear in the next issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. The Rapper/Mogul/Minority Owner of the Nets says he’s not going to push too hard on his buddy LeBron James to come to Newark next year.

Recruiting the NBA’s reigning two-time MVP is instead up to new Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov – and Jay-Z thinks the deep-pocketed Russian is up to the task.

I’m getting the sense that despite all the hysteria immediately after the Cavs were bounced by the Celtics last month, things are being set up for LeBron to return to Cleveland. With that said, I always thought the Jay-Z/LeBron relationship was a bit overstated in terms of recruiting him to the Nets. It makes for good speculation, but considering that Jay-Z’s involvement with the Nets ownership has always been superficial at best, I’m not going to get exciting dreaming up scenarios where the two decide to join forces to help the Nets win some games in Newark.