Daily Link: Enough With the Negativity Already

In a very passionate, yet informed fan rant, NetDaily’s Net Income let’s it rip on the folks in the media (and those who back the Knicks) who are predicting that Deron Williams will surely bolt at the end of the 2011-12 season. NI has pointed out plenty of reasons why Nets fans should be positive for a change:

Here’s his full quote from the press conference at the PNY Center Thursday: “I can’t really give any assurances, or say that I’ll be here [because] I don’t know what the future holds. I look forward to the possibility of it; it’s definitely a strong possibility. It all depends on how the next year goes – the CBA, the type of moves we make and the people we bring into this organization.” (Emphasis un-apologetically added)

Missed that, I’ll bet. Why? Because most of the sports writers decided to ignore it and/or focus on the enormous risk of giving away Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, two picks (one protected) and $3 million of Mikhail Prokhorov’s cash hoard for arguably the best point guard in the game.  Funny, we didn’t see that much last July about how the Knicks were the only team offering Amare Stoudemire five years and $100 million despite three knee surgeries and a retinal surgery. Nothing much again when Donnie Walsh hinted the Knicks hadn’t been able to get insurance on those knees, those eyes.  Risk much? Only the franchise.

And Knicks fans sitting there trying to convince themselves and Nets fans that Williams will just sign with them in 2012 need to take some math classes. They will already have about $40 million committed to ‘Melo and Stoudemire by 2012 and the CBA, in all likelihood will lower the salary cap, not raise it.

Meanwhile, as NI and others note, it’s a trade the Nets had to be made. Even after losing the past two games, it’s easy to see how much better the Nets look, especially on the offensive end with Williams at the point. It will take time to gel. But it will happen.