Daily Link: CP3 to Nets Talk Could “Advance”

In a great write-up on the Chris Paul situation in New Orleans, CBS Sports Ken Berger lists the Nets as among three teams who the New Orleans Hornets are in discussions with regarding a trade. Berger believes talks with the Nets could “advance” in the coming days.:

There are indications that the Hornets believe the Magic, Bobcats and Nets would have equally, if not more attractive assets to offer. The positive spin emanating from Monday’s meeting allows the Hornets to “keep working on it,” and puts them in “a better negotiating position to do so,” said one of the sources

“They don’t want to let CP3 dictate the teams,” the person said. “And they can’t look like they are being held hostage by his trade demands.”

The problem here (ignoring CP3’s potential health problems), is that the Nets were not part of Paul’s wish list of teams, and with the same folks who orchestrated LeBron’s PR trainwreck  chirping in his ear about going some place with an established “superstar” to win now, I can’t see a scenario where CP3 comes to New Jersey and is a good soldier about it. My guess is NOLA is probably using teams like the Bobcats and Nets as leverage to get a better deal from a contender like Orlando.