Daily Link: Changing the Playbook

People who were concerned about Avery Johnson trying to micromanage Deron Williams can breathe a little bit easier. According to Colin Stephenson and the Star-Ledger, Avery has already instituted some changes in the team’s playbook to allow the star point guard to be more comfortable:

Before the game, Johnson had said he would put things in the playbook that Williams was more familiar with and had success with in Utah. Given the fact the Nets are the second-lowest scoring team in the league (92.9 points per game) the coach didn’t sound particularly broken up about having to make dramatic changes.

“I’m anticipating probably half our playbook we’ll have to throw out,” Johnson said. “That’s okay … because a lot of what we were doing doesn’t even fit (Williams’) game.”

I’m sure somewhere in Salt Lake City, Devin Harris is saying WTF, but hey, talents like Williams only come around once in a great while if a team is lucky. I’m happy to see Avery is being flexible, because I’m guessing if there was a situation where the team had to choose between the coach or DWill, Avery would be back on the unemployment line.