Daily Link: Brook Lopez is “Concerned”

The Star-Ledger’s Colin Stephenson asked Brook Lopez about his recent struggles, including his 21-73 shooting the past five games. Those hoping Lopez was just brushing off his poor play will be sorely disappointed:

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, a little (concerned),” Lopez said after his foul-plagued, four-point, six-rebound performance in Wednesday’s road victory over the Cavaliers. “But I’ve been working before games, getting shots up (and) in practice, obviously. I’ll look to get shots up tomorrow. And just, continue to fight through it. I feel like most of the shots I take are my normal, typical shots. They just haven’t gone down.”

In the same article, Avery Johnson said he was confident in Lopez, and I think we in fans should be the same. However, this is worth watching. It’s certainly the first time in his career that he’s struggled this much, and I wonder if he’s still not fully recovered from his case of mono this past summer.