Daily Link: Breaking Down the Melodrama

While I’m sure everyone has been on Carmelo Anthony burnout since the preseason, but if I may engage you all to read one more piece (until I inevitably link to another), ESPN’s Marc Stein has a fantastic FAQ breakdown of what’s going on with the trade for ‘Melo.

Most notably: Derrick Favors will unquestionably be a part of any deal, the Knicks recognize in order to prevent ‘Melo from going elsewhere they still likely have to trade for him first and the Nets braintrust is planning a pitch similar to what they sold LeBron James during the summer to try and convince ‘Melo to sign an extension here:

The pitch, though, won’t merely be location, location, location. Bank on the Nets, just as the Nuggets have been trying to tell Melo for months, that he can be a true hero if he signs with them. A savior, even. The Nets will point out how the Knicks, on top of all the questions in circulation about how he truly fits on a Knicks team that already scores plenty while lacking shut-down defenders and rebounders, already have a savior named Amare Stoudemire.

The pitch hasn’t worked yet, so I’ll be curious to see how Anthony responds, especially when the Nets as a team currently have problems beating teams led by Andrea Bargnani. As time keeps ticking here, the more I think the Nets have to go out and simultaneously acquire two superstars, i.e. Anthony and Chris Paul for lack of a better example, in order to convince any superstar player to stay here. Otherwise, I still can’t wrap my head around the haul they’re willing to send Denver for just one guy who by himself, is not going to make the Nets THAT much better.

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