Daily Link: Bosh Changes His Tune on NJ

During the regular season, when Chris Bosh was asked if he’d consider playing for the Nets when he became a free agent this summer, he gave a pretty definitive “no” answer. Today, the New York Post talks to Bosh again where he seems to be softening to the idea of playing in New Jersey. While the headline naturally only mentions the Knicks, Bosh actually seems to be even more complimentary of the Nets in his comments:

“I think each team has its own advantages over the other,” Bosh said. “New Jersey has a young core, so does New York. The coaching styles are a bit different. A lot of people are excited about the new (Nets) owner. It’s interesting. Everybody is pretty much excited about the makeup of the team and the direction the Nets are headed.

Interesting… after his comments earlier this year, I had more or less ruled out the possibility of Bosh. He and Brook would be a monster tandem in the frontcourt, and IF the Nets can get Evan Turner in the draft, a definite possibility now that Philadelphia is making some roster moves, a starting five of Harris-Williams-Turner-Bosh-Lopez kinda makes me drool.