Daily Link- Billy King Shoots For Playoffs Next Season

Daily Link- Billy King Shoots For Playoffs Next Season

Billy King had an end of season press conference with the various beat reporters on Wednesday. Some tidbits from the conference include:

  • With an improved roster next season, King believes that the team should shoot for the playoffs as their target. Cue Jim Mora.
  • King believes that Deron Williams is happy with the organization so far. Apparently, D-Will wants the Nets to move in the right direction (aka playoffs). Here are King’s exact words:

“He said his druthers is to be here and our goal is to be in the playoffs next year and move in that direction. He’ll know if we’re moving in that direction. We all will. I’m not sitting here feeling like I have an hour-glass here and it’s ticking.”

  • Brook Lopez will have a minor surgery in order to fix the calcium deposit in his arm. It was bothering the Nets’ promising big man all season long and could be key in restoring his rebounding prowess.
  • King affirmed Avery Johnson’s statement by saying that signing Kris Humphries is a “high priority” this season. However, the signing of free agents will all depend on the new CBA for the Nets.

As usual, King was his optimistic self. A lot of what was said in this press conference has already been stated or implied, but what struck me the most was the Lopez news. Lopez had a very puzzling season; his scoring improved, but his rebounding tanked as well as his aggressiveness. Hopefully the removal of the calcium deposit is the key in bringing out the Brookie Monster for good.

Apparently Johan Petro saved his best for last and finished the season strong (13 points, 8 rebounds). This post seems to imply that Johan could’ve done this all season, but chose not to or something. Johan is a great guy and it pains me to make fun of him in this post, but I couldn’t resist on going after him this time.