D-Will, Prokhorov, King Met In Turkey

According to the New York Post and confirmed by various media outlets, Deron Williams and Billy King met with Mikhail Prokhorov Friday at CSKA Moscow’s semifinal against Panathinaikos. Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News followed up, reporting that D-Will and Prokhorov met informally at the game and had a good conversation.

Some reports state that the three came together to discuss a new contract, but that’s also the last thing they need to discuss (“Hey, Deron, we’re giving you a max contract”). Just as likely on the table was the team’s plans for the future, outlining different rosters under different scenarios, the type of players Deron would like to play with.

Deron & wife Amy, as we noted earlier, are then taking a trip to Moscow with the Kirilenko family, according to a blog written by Andrei’s wife Masha. It’s unclear if Mickey P was on a similar flight.