Could TWill be D-League-Will

Update 1:35 PM: It’s official. TWill to Springfield. I guess we’ll see how the D-League option works out.

Original Post: After being inactive for the past two games, today is considered a day of reckoning for Terrence Williams, who may be facing further disciplinary action from the Nets organization and coach Avery Johnson. Johnson is so serious about sending a message, that a demotion to the D-League is a very real possibility for TWill, according to Al Ianazzone onTwitter:

D-Day for Terrence Williams: He will remain inactive, be activated or Nets will send him to D-League.

I’ve heard all 3 are possible. Avery already sent a message, may want to send more of one – if so D-League may be way Nets go with TWill.

Meanwhile, while the rest of us were digesting our turkey last night, the Daily News spoke to Nate Robinson, always the beacon of common sense and professionalism, who said the Nets have mishandled his former HS buddy in TWill:

“That’s not what real teams do. I’ve known him since he was seven years old,” Robinson said. “For me, all I can do is talk to him the best way I know how – talk to him and be that brother for him. Because I’m going to love him regardless. I’m going to love him at his worst and I’m going to love him at his best and I feel the Nets are not doing that.

For starters, I’m glad Nate has found happiness in Boston, but considering he couldn’t even get along with a lax guy like Mike D’Antoni speaks volumes about Nate Robinson.

Meanwhile, Terrence Williams has the potential to be a very good basketball player. I’ve said that numerous times. I honestly believe when he’s playing to his potential, he turns the Nets into a possible playoff team. But there’s always been an other side to basketball than just ability, and unfortunately TWill has this knack of keeping himself off the court because of his immaturity. If he’s going to continue acting like this, his ability isn’t worth squat, because he’s not going to catch on in a meaningful way. Especially not with Avery Johnson, who is someone I believe commands a great deal of respect. It took threats of a D-League demotion to get him to straighten out last season, but the team can’t continue to deliver empty threats. Maybe this time, they have to go through with this.

On the flipside, we saw what happened when Sean Williams was demoted to the D-League. His behavior down there pretty much killed his NBA career. So this is a dangerous line for this organization to be walking right now. Is TWill mature enough to take a demotion as a learning experience, or will he just completely implode? And if he’s that fragile that he can’t learn how to conduct himself around his teammates, then what is he doing in a Nets uniform anyway? I’ll put it to you all this way – I’m glad I’m not the one having to make what stands to be a very difficult, ugly decision here.