Could this be a Nets sleeved “heritage jersey”?


The Brooklyn Nets will wear sleeved “heritage jerseys” next season, that replicate the look of the Dr. J-era ABA Nets in black-and-white, sccording to a report from Paul Lukas of Uni Watch.

Here’s a prototype of the jersey (without the sleeves), which Lukas’s source can’t confirm if it’s final or in development:


The Nets are at the forefront of the NBA’s jersey initiatives. They wore special Christmas jerseys in each of the last two seasons, this year’s with sleeves. They also wore the inaugural “nickname jerseys” on January 10th against the Miami Heat (though, to be fair, that was the Heat’s idea.)

The NBA has pushed sleeve jerseys hard in the past year. Along with the Christmas jerseys, the league’s All-Star jerseys will also have sleeves.

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