Changing up the Brooklyn Nets

If things don’t work out with the current Brooklyn Nets roster, how can they change it up?

First things first: the Nets have committed roughly $290 million to their “big four” of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, and Gerald Wallace over the next four years. Barring a trade for any of those four (not likely in the first three years), they’ve locked into this core.

With that said, the rest of the roster comes with flexibility. The highest-paid player left (Kris Humphries) is only signed to a two-year contract, and could be a viable asset if another team wants $12 million coming off their books in the 2014 offseason. Every other player on the roster is signed for three years or less, and only one (Mirza Teletovic, $3.09 million) has a cap hit above $2 million. The Nets are over the cap, so they likely won’t make any big moves (unless they find someone to take on Humphries), but can certainly make small tinkers to their bench.

Then again, there’s no such thing as an untradeable contract. Just look at Joe Johnson.