The Glue Guys Podcast: Bye-Bye “Big 3”?



This is just the beginning. Nets trade rumors out today that the team is willing to deal their Big 3; Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. For the next few weeks we will be seeing stories about Player X heading in one direction, that scouts from Team A attended this game to get a better look at Player Y. And lets not even talk about Player Z. So with the news, the Glue Guys slapped together an emergency pod, attempting to look at story from all angles.

Open: Who were the sources for the report and the motivation behind leaking this info
8:45 If the Nets are willing to trade Deron, Joe and Brook, are there any ‘untouchable’ Nets
14:30 Which of the Big 3 is most likely to remain a Net, which would you most like to stay (hint: Mike doesn’t want Deron to stay)
25:00 A theory for why the Nets are now considering trading the Big 3
35:00 Fun with the trade machine

Completely Made Up but Possible Trades

Deron to Sactown
Probably the easiest, most-talked about trade possibility. Also works for Joe Johnson

Brook by the Bay
Add in a protected 1st-rounder coming the Nets way to this

Mardi Grade-My-Trade
This is the most optimistic trade possibility. Bring in a young point guard and a strong shooter, send out Deron and unfortunately Plumlee. Allows for a much funner line-up of Jrue, Joe, Anderson, Mirza, and Brook. Shooters everywhere.

One Man’s Garbage…
The best part of this deal is the Hollinger projection of negative wins for both teams.

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