December 10th: Basketball in New Jersey!

LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul are kicking off a four-city barnstorming tour in December, hitting Akron on December 1st, New Orleans on December 4th, Chicago on December 7th, and culminating in… East Rutherford’s IZOD Center on December 10th!

According to the report, Chris Bosh will play in all four cities, and each player will recruit for their specific regions: LeBron for Akron, CP3 New Orleans, Wade Chicago, and Melo in Not-New-York. This historic event marks the first time Carmelo Anthony has ever recruited players, including himself, to play in New Jersey.

The irony of this is just beautiful. Carmelo Anthony, who spent the better part of six months forcing Billy King into wrecking his franchise and held about a dozen futures hostage, all to make sure he didn’t have to play in Newark, is now going to be calling superstars to join him in East Rutherford, AKA The Meadowlands, AKA The Swamp.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday.