Part II, New York Cower Rankings:
Who’s The Least Bad In New York?


Round two.

Well, this was unexpected. After Daniel Savitzky & I ran our first edition of Nets-Knicks Power Rankings in our Brooklyn Nets season preview, we kind of thought both teams would do a little better than this. Yet here we are, with both teams well below .500 and scrounging for answers while mired in controversy. So, what better way to celebrate than to re-assess our preseason Power Rankings as Cower Rankings!?

Let’s be clear: no one here should be happy. Leading this version’s rankings might as well be leading the Atlantic Division. You get points for participation, but no one respects you.

Click below to get started, or check even further below that if you’re curious to hop around. One note: this ranking does not include Chris Smith, who the Knicks accidentally let onto their roster when they presumed J.R. Smith had any sort of clout and promptly demoted him once the front office looked at J.R.’s field goal percentage.

Onward and downward!

Start Here: #36-#31

          36-31          |          30-21          |          20-11          |           10-6          |          5-1