Pregame Reconnaissance: Talking Wizards-Nets and ladies named Anastasiya with Truth About It

The good folks over at ESPN TrueHoop Washington Wizards blog Truth About It asked me a few questions about the state of the Brooklyn Nets, and how they match up with the Wizards.

A snippet of our conversation:

T.A.I.: The Nets are 2-2. From where I’m sitting, that looks pretty, pretty good. But I imagine fans of the team weren’t well pleased with losses to Cleveland and Orlando. What about those matchups was dangerous for Brooklyn? Was there any basketball narrative parallelism between the wins against Miami and Utah?

@uuords: The Cleveland game I’m throwing out—the Nets lost by four points to a lower-seed playoff team without Kirilenko and with their best player (Williams) sitting the entire fourth quarter. It’s a different game if Alan Anderson doesn’t have to run point. The Magic game was just plain weird—the entire roster looked like it had just gotten off the plane ten minutes before game time and played listless against a young, athletic team. That’s part of what worries me with teams like the Wizards—John Wall and Bradley Beal present a matchup not dissimilar from Victor Oladipo and Arron Afflalo, while the Wizards bigs are good enough to give the Nets fits if they’re still treating road games like off nights. As for Miami and Utah, I’ll say that the Nets played almost exactly as well on both nights, which is good enough to beat the defending champs by one and a rebuilding Utah franchise to smithereens.

We also do over-unders, including how many young ladies named Anastasiya, Natalya, Oksana, or Svetlana will sit in the owner’s box this season. Check out the full post here.