Brook Lopez Strikes Popcorn-Driven Peace Treaty With Cavaliers Mascot


I just dropped a gift tin of delicious popcorn with my all-time favorite Lopez Brother, Brook. We shared a pre-game laugh before the @Cavs face the hated Nets. What a guy. #georgemikan #family #cavs #nets #popcorn

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That’s the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog and Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez putting aside their differences, sharing some pre-game popcorn & fun. This is a landmark moment for mascot peace, as Lopez has led some mascot attacks in the past.

Possibly heightening the tension is that Lopez’s twin brother Robin is in the midst of a crusade against team mascots league-wide. Considering that Lopez called his brother “an idiot” in the beginning of the season and recently indicated he wouldn’t allow Robin in his home, this might be a line in the sand for the twins born on April Fool’s.