Brook Lopez Makes All-Rookie First Team, Still Gets Snubbed

So the results for the All-Rookie team voting came in yesterday, and Brook Lopez made the All-Rookie First team.  Here are the results of the voting:


Looking at the results (you get two points for a first team vote/one for a second team vote), one can’t help but think Brook Lopez is getting snubbed here.  I mean 7 people though Brook Lopez was only good enough for the second team?  That really is a joke.

One person left him off the ballot all together, but I am not too mad about this because it is obviously a mistake.  Why?  Well, because if you look closely you can see Robin Lopez got a first team vote.  Someone clearly didn’t look at the first names when voting.

As things stand right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Devin Harris not win the Most Improved Player, I mean it is obvious that the voters aren’t really considering the Nets when they look at who should win the regular season awards.