Weekend note: Billy King only recently learned how to spell “Barclays Center”

Billy King’s had a busy couple of years: convincing Deron Williams to stick around, trading for Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson, re-assembling the roster on the fly, and helping lead a re-branding effort unlike any in sports. Part of that rebrand includes moving in to the brand-new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the team Billy King assembled for the franchise he works for will play most of its games next season. The naming rights were bought by Barclays, a British banking firm that’s only recently extended into the United States.

Perhaps that recency makes the name unfamiliar to Billy King, because until the sign went up on the stadium itself, he was under the impression that the bank (or, at least the arena) was simply called “Barclay Center,” without the “s.”

Here’s a complete list of Billy King’s tweets about the Barclays Center, from July 2011 to last month:

And then, on August 26th:

That tweet was a correction of an earlier tweet, since deleted, calling the arena the “Barclay Center” again.

It’s a minor difference, and I care way more about what he did with Joe Johnson this year than his Twitter spelling. But wouldn’t you think the general manager of the team moving into Brooklyn would at least know the correct spelling of the founding partner that has the arena’s naming rights?

Anyway, very excited for next year’s team. Those Deron William to Kri Humphrie alley-oops are going to be just marvelou.