Barack Obama visits Brooklyn, shouts out the Nets

Looks like the Nets may have a fan in Washington, D.C. President Barack Obama made the rounds to Brooklyn yesterday, visiting a school in Crown Heights he once referenced in a State of the Union address to push education reform.

In his speech to students, he also referenced the hometown Brooklyn Nets. According to Eliza Shapiro of Capital New York:

“I landed Marine One in Prospect Park,” he said, “I used to live across the street from Prospect Park! Brooklyn in general is blowing up right now. When I was living here, Brooklyn was cool, but not that cool.”

“Barclays Center hadn’t been built yet,” Obama said, before mentioning that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were now playing for the Nets. “That’s a lesson to young people that old people can still play, still got some gas in the tank.”

Obama is an avid basketball fan and player, hosting organized games at the White House with his Cabinet and members of Congress.

Next step: getting Obama to the Barclays Center for a Nets game this year.