Reggie Evans finds JR Smith preposterous.

In the grand scheme of important things going on in the NBA, late August is a rough time for fans. Tracy McGrady retired this week, but many will point out that he’s basically been nonexistent for years anyway. And then Fab Melo was traded to Memphis! Blockbuster trade! Oh, well, then he was released.

Yeah, late August sucks.

So when Paul Pierce’s statements about turning New York into a “Nets Village” goaded everybody’s favorite dysfunctional family band member of the crosstown enemy into responding, people were ready for the new rivalry to balloon up even bigger. JR Smith called Paul Pierce “bitter” and added that he liked the Knicks’ chances of winning an NBA Championship this year.

And then Reggie Evans happened.

Not one to mince words, Evans stumbled upon the tweeted article and responded in the only real way possible:


In the war of words, it’s always good to have someone like Reggie Evans on your side.

Is it October yet?