• Your brand new, official, Brooklyn Nets website.
  • The contradictions of MarShon Brooks. Must-read.
  • Andrew Gnerre eulogizes the New Jersey Nets (and his, and thus our, relationship with them) about as eloquently as anyone.

  • Most Kris Humphries news these days is ridiculous, overblown gossip about his former wife and her current boyfriend. You don’t often hear the good things Humphries does, like bringing a cancer sufferer to a game as his VIP. Really heartwarming story.

  • Not the newest of news, but Deron Williams reiterates that he wants a new contract before the Olympics. Considering that the opening ceremony is on July 27th and the Nets will offer him a maximum contract on 12:01 of July 1st, I don’t see this as an issue.

  • Taking his comments in an aggregate, D-Will seems pretty positive about the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Yes, Gerald Wallace will opt out. Like D-Will, he wants long-term security. Doesn’t mean he’s leaving. Still surprising.

  • Quote from Brook Lopez at the bottom: “This is really the place I want to be. I was drafted here … I love being a Net. It’s the only thing I know. I like everyone in the organization. I have good friends here. I’ve enjoyed my time in this area, and would have no objections at all to continuing to be here.”

  • Fan Wesley W. sent me this photo of a Brooklyn Nets cake, made for his son’s 11th birthday. Sweet!