Around the Nets Tuesday: Deron Williams to Distribute More

  • During the past decade, the Nets and Knicks have been on opposite ends of the winning spectrum, with the Nets dominating the first half of the decade and the Knicks improving in the second half. But this year it finally seems that the Nets and Knicks will each put out competitive teams and the argument can finally be had, who’s better?
  • Here’s Deron Williams explaining why we may be seeing him shooting less and distributing more this year.
  • Who’s that really tall guy with a baby fro at the Paramus Park Mall today? Oh, it’s probably just MarShon Brooks.
  • At this point I think it’s impossible for the Nets to not be mentioned in any kind of free agent off-season report, so with that, here is Zach Lowe of listing the Nets as a team that had an intriguing off-season.
  •  The Nets sideline reporter gig has been a career launching pad before, so there are definitely high expectations for newly hired Sarah Kustok.
  • Danny Granger mentions the Brooklyn Nets as one of the East’s powers, but more curiously neglects to mention the Celtics, Bulls or the Knicks. Hmm.