Around the Nets: 10/24 Monday Edition

Around the Nets: 10/24 Monday Edition
  • First things first: an arena worker from Portland shares his story on the personal economic effects of the NBA Lockout. Must-read, no matter which side you’re on.

  • Avery Johnson is keeping busy coaching “Future Stars,” and tells them he’ll tour the Barclays Center on Wednesday. A little nugget near the end: if the lockout lasts the full season, Avery may scout talent overseas or work with the Springfield Armor.

  • Our own Sandy Dover on SLAM’s sixth-ranked NBA player, never-Superman.
  • Darren Rovell of Yahoo! lists a few reasons why the Nets are one team that can’t afford a season-long lockout. Rovell lists some on-the-court ramifications — a year without basketball gives Deron just 12 games in New Jersey, 12 games he can easily bolt from — and off-the-court, regarding the dulled impact of a move to Brooklyn. This got me thinking about ownership. Though both sides are more complicated, there are essentially two classes of owners in this labor negotiation: doves (who’d rather see a season), and hawks (who’d rather wait it out for the best deal possible). Big-market owners are generally doves, as they have more at risk with a cancelled season, while owners of small-market teams like Dan Gilbert (Cleveland) and Robert Sarver (Phoenix) are hawks. Mikhail Prokhorov is a dove for a few reasons, but still unique among owners: the only foreign owner and the only owner in the process of moving his franchise.

  • Deron Williams is okay after avoiding the horrific earthquake in Turkey. Many, unfortunately, were not so lucky.

  • Some highlights from Kevin Durant’s action-packed charity game.