A Brief Update on MarShon Brooks’s Couch

MarShon Brooks

MarShon BrooksI just got a new couch this weekend. It’s a nice one — a sectional, fits in my living room perfectly. It can fit probably six or seven people comfortably, but when nobody else is around, I can stretch my 6’5″ frame out on it comfortably while I do whatever it is I do at home: watch T.V., use my computer, take a nap, or pretend I’m Cleopatra.

It’s a pretty good couch. I’d venture that it stacks up to most people’s couches, even couches that belong to professional basketball players. What say you, MarShon Brooks?

Oh. Well, so much for that. I guess my deep-seated couch inferiority complex just isn’t going away today. But it appears that MarShon Brooks has a pretty great couch, which leads to an important question: is his couch the Couch of the Month? And if it is, does he have to get rid of it next month?

We need answers, MarShon. Help us see the light. Or at least help us sit on the couch. I hear it’s pretty good.