7 To Watch In Game 7:
Referees, Keep It Official

Monty McCutchen; Kevin Garnett
The Officiating.

The Officiating.
The Officiating.

It’s been a thorn in both teams’ sides: Raptors fans and writers cried conspiracy after a Game 1 that didn’t go their way. Nets fans fired back with attacks on Kyle Lowry, whose flopping reputation precedes this matchup. Jason Kidd incurred a $25,000 fine for comments criticizing the officiating after Game 5. Then his criticisms may have led to Game 6’s calls for Brooklyn, resulting 25 free throw attempts and 25 fouls. Basically, Kidd paid $1,000 per foul or $1,000 per free throw attempt. If only he was fined $100,000.

For what it’s worth: the officiating has been brutal in this series, but not biased. But if it’s bad again tonight, whichever team loses will have years of complaints about it.


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