3-on-3: Fan Questions

These two guys will share a floor soon!

We asked you guys what you wanted to know. Here’s our responses to the top three questions:

1) Rookies Brooks, Williams: important rotation players this year?

Justin DeFeo: I think Marshon Brooks will have a solid place in our rotation. His scoring should translate to the NBA and his ability to stretch defenses with his shooting should be valuable. Jordan Williams I don’t anticipate having a huge role in our rotation. I see him being used mostly in situations to guard post players if needed.

Devin Kharpertian: Unless the Nets massively upgrade at the wings, Marshon will definitely have a big role off the bench right away. He’s an excellent spot-up shooter and can score in a variety of ways. I don’t think Jordan’s going to do much; he’s an upgrade over Petro as Brook’s backup, but now I don’t see him as much more than a rich man’s Josh Boone.

Dennis Velasco: It depends on who the Nets get in free agency. If the Jamal Crawford rumors are true, Brooks will have a lesser role with Anthony Morrow and Damion James in the mix at the wing. If the Nets get Tyson Chandler or Nene, Williams probably won’t play much either. Of the two, I see Brooks, a better talent and with more upside, making some noise in the rotation. Maybe I’m just buying into his enthusiasm for ball, but it’s infectious. I can’t see him failing.

2) Who is your favorite FA, except Dwight Howard?

Justin DeFeo: After Dwight Howard no one overly excites me in this class. I suppose Nene is the next best “franchise” type of player and he would produce, but he could command maximum money from somewhere else and I don’t think he’s worth that.

Devin Kharpertian: In a vacuum, Arron Afflalo, but he’ll command too high a price. Realistically, Andrei Kirilenko is appealing if he’ll sign a short-term deal. If the Nets can’t swing Dwight in 2012, Gerald Wallace is a decent option, but if they’re swinging for the fences Howard’s the only A-lister the Nets have a shot at.

Dennis Velasco: Honestly, no one. I’d rather save the money for next summer, but I understand the Nets need to do something to meet the minimum amount of the salary cap. I like Devin’s idea to NOT amnesty Outlaw just yet so that his salary counts and the Nets sign shorter-term deals. However, D-Will probably won’t be happy about that, so push comes to shove, sign Nene. I like his versatility at the 4 and 5 spots and he can do more things offensively than, say, a Tyson Chandler.

3) Does 2011-12 success matter, or is it all about Dwight?

Justin DeFeo: Ultimately, aside from a championship, whatever happens this season would be trumped if we were to get Dwight. However, I feel the two are connected. Success this season improves our chances of keeping Deron Williams, and that in turn increases our chance of getting Dwight. Don’t get me wrong, it is all about Dwight, but it’s going to take success to get there first.

Devin Kharpertian: It matters. If the Nets tank this season, they’ll look much less attractive as a destination for any free agents. Not to mention any superstars already under contract with early termination options. They don’t have to make the playoffs — that’s still so far away, considering how much roster is left to sign — but don’t drink the tanking Kool-Aid.

Dennis Velasco: Only insomuch that it has to be successful enough to keep Deron Williams interested in signing an extension. Plus, it’d be nice to go into Brooklyn with some hope for the future. I think a .500 record would do wonders for both of the aforementioned.