WOJ: Nets sign Alan Anderson

The Nets, who apparently stole Entertainment 720’s money printing machine, have signed G/F Alan Anderson to a two-year deal worth an, as of right now, unknown amount of money.

This is borderline crazy because a vet-minimum deal (which is probably what this is) would cost something around $5M out of pocket for Mikhail Prokhorov due to the absurd luxury tax the Nets are at.

This is also crazy because Anderson isn’t a bum. In 65 games last year, Anderson averaged 10.7 points and 2.3 rebounds, while being known as a excellent wing defender off the bench. How do the Nets keep doing this?

My take: after the playoffs, it was clear the Nets were lacking steady play at the 3 and 4, any and all defense, physical/emotional/mental toughness and a deep bench. They addressed and fixed every one of those — before adding Anderson. Bringing in yet another piece who can help, all while way over the luxury tax, is simply amazing.

I love this.


    1. WynnDuffy As opposed to what? Him not playing? Who cares, it was widely speculated that Nets wouldnt use their 15th roster spot, getting Anderson is a great get.  Some people wanted him when it was thought that AK wouldnt sign in Brooklyn – to get both?  That’s even more depth for a team with an already above average bench.  
      Damion had his chances, too injury prone and didnt prove much when he did get on the court.  Saw him in the Orlando Summer League where he shouldve dominated and…nothing.  
      I’m not EXCITED for the signing because at the end of the day we’re talking about Alan Anderson but it’s a very very solid way to fill that last spot.

      1. A.R. WynnDuffy 
        I was hoping Nets were looking at Damion James or Delonte West.
        But that doesn’t seem to be okay with you.

        1. WynnDuffy A.R. It’s more than okay, sir.  Why you’d want a guy who has played for us and shown nothing or West who tends to make bad decisions on and off the court is a head scratcher

  1. He’s whatever. I mean, the guy is 31-years-old and has only played bits and pieces of four NBA seasons. He was a complete random scrub before last season, then he dropped 35 on the Knicks and people noticed him. As the 15th man he’s fine. I wouldn’t really want to see him as anything more than that.

    1. slapdoghoops He’ll be the third-string SG/5th wing when everybody is active. In a close game he’ll probably only get 5-10 minutes.
      Although this could mean that Kirilenko gets a lot more time at PF, so he’ll be the backup forward in general, then we’ll see Anderson get more time at SF, or SG when Johnson shifts to SF.

  2. Oh…oh dear…wow.
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://widgets.sports-reference.com/wg.fcgi?css=1&site=bbr&url=%2Fplay-index%2Fpcm_finder.cgi%3Frequest%3D1%26sum%3D0%26p1%3Danderal01%26y1%3D2013%26p2%3Dwallage01%26y2%3D2013&div=div_advanced”></script>

    1. Welp, that didn’t work. I’ll just link it the full page: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=anderal01&y1=2013&p2=wallage01&y2=2013
      Look at Gerald Wallace’s offensive numbers from last season versus Anderson’s. Gerald Wallace had a better AST%, but a much worse TO% and lower USG%.

      1. I’m not linking that in praise of Anderson. It’s more telling of just how awful Wallace was on offense last season.

        1. drago2715 You can’t judge Wallace on that one bad season.  Plus Anderson’s numbers were not that great either last season considering he scored around eleven ppg on .388 shooting.

        2. slapdoghoops drago2715 I’m not judging Wallace, I’m just saying that if Anderson can duplicate his production next year then he would be better than the Wallace we had last year.

        3. drago2715 slapdoghoops Idk about that.  First of Anderson will need the minutes to do so which I doubt he will get.  Plus in term of overall skill and athleticism, Anderson does not even hold a candle to Wallace.  Saying that it is possible for him to be better than Wallace last year would be quite a stretch.

        4. slapdoghoops drago2715 As long as he can actually hit a three at higher than a 20% rate while on the floor, he’d be better than Wallace, haha.

      1. slapdoghoops M I K E The Nets won 49 games last year with Deron playing poorly for more than half the season….Gerald Wallace was a shell of his former self and Reggie Evans (God bless him) should not be a starting PF in the NBA.
        We beat the under .500 teams with our superior talent but this year we should also beat the over .500 teams…Nets should win 55 + games this year.
        Even Knicks fans will watch Nets games because of the interesting array of talent we have assembled. The Nets will not be boring.

        1. M I K E slapdoghoops Sorry to say, but Deron has been playing poorly since arriving from the Utah Jazz.  Both his assists per game and FG percentage took major hits from averaging a double double in Utah to averaging just under eight per game now.  With the team they had, the Nets should have won 55-60 games considering the strength the roster.  Unfortunately that did not happen and I doubt that it will happen this season either.
          Even with their Pickups of Garnett, Pierce, Terry, and Kirlenko among others, I do not expect much better from Brooklyn.  KG,  PP, and JT are WELL PAST their primes and were barely able to keep them selves together in Boston.  In fact I see a lot more potential for infighting due to lack of minutes and shots taken thus further hampering the Nets’aspiration to take the Eastern crown.  Say what you want about Jason Kidd being one of the best point men in the game, but he is a rookie coach with absolutely NO experience andvirtually  he’s being thrown to the wolves.
          I hate to burst your bubble but I can see this ending really badly for the Nets.

        2. slapdoghoops M I K E Oh boy, that sounds like a ridiculously uninformed opinion.  Yikes.  
          You’re a fan of which team, slapdoghoops?

        3. slapdoghoops A.R. M I K E Heart was broken a looooong time ago – I’m way past that.  If we win – I might get arrested.  If we lose to the Heat?  Nothing to be ashamed about.  If we lose to the Bulls or Pacers in a competitive series?  Sure, I’ll be pissed, sad, mad, angry but it wont take long to get over that.  I dont TRUST Billy King long term eventhough he’s done a hell of a job building what he has right now so to me it’s a win-win situation.  If he stays past these next 2 years it means we won the damn thing.  If we lose then he’s gone.  I’m excited for these next 2 years and then I’m excited about the (very quick) rebuild.
          Only chance I’ll have my heart broken this season is if we lose to the Knicks – THAT would be something to be ashamed about.  Bad move after bad move after bad move.  (other than Melo of course…but remind me, which team ended up better after the trade, Nuggets, right? )