WOJ: Nets sign Alan Anderson

The Nets, who apparently stole Entertainment 720’s money printing machine, have signed G/F Alan Anderson to a two-year deal worth an, as of right now, unknown amount of money.

This is borderline crazy because a vet-minimum deal (which is probably what this is) would cost something around $5M out of pocket for Mikhail Prokhorov due to the absurd luxury tax the Nets are at.

This is also crazy because Anderson isn’t a bum. In 65 games last year, Anderson averaged 10.7 points and 2.3 rebounds, while being known as a excellent wing defender off the bench. How do the Nets keep doing this?

My take: after the playoffs, it was clear the Nets were lacking steady play at the 3 and 4, any and all defense, physical/emotional/mental toughness and a deep bench. They addressed and fixed every one of those — before adding Anderson. Bringing in yet another piece who can help, all while way over the luxury tax, is simply amazing.

I love this.