VIDEOS: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Receive Emotional Tributes, Standing Ovations In Boston Return

During the first quarter of the Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets game on January 26th, the Celtics played two touching tributes; the first to Kevin Garnett, who spent the last six years with the Celtics, and the second to Paul Pierce, who spent all fifteen seasons of his career in Boston before the offseason trade.

The tributes played during a time-out and after the first quarter, and both teams elected to watch instead of huddling up. The love shared between the fanbase and the players was palpable; Pierce, overcome with emotion, kept saying “thank you” and “I love you,” while Garnett smiled and waved to the crowd.

The crowd couldn’t stop chanting at the end of the tribute, as both players received ovations and chants even as play continued. Watch both above.