The 30 Best Nets of All Time (UPDATED)

30. Armen Gilliam

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30. Armen Gilliam
One of the first basketball cards I ever owned. "The Hammer" played three seasons with the Nets, averaging 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.

Originally posted on March 23, 2013. Last updated May 30, 2014.


  1. Didn’t you guys just do this? Is this the same list just made into a slideshow? It’s got the same mistakes.
    I’d love to hear the justification for having Barry at #14 while Drazen is #4. Besides the author growing up in the 90s (or later), that is….

    Don’t even get me started on Kidd over Doc.

  2. I am in my mid-30s. As much as Nets fans may be ticked about his attitude and work ethic, Derrick Coleman was a better Nets player than Kittles, Jefferson, or Kenyon Martin could have ever dreamt. He was a legitimate 20-10 guy for teams that made the playoffs. There were plenty of nights where the guy simply put on a show. Too bad he didn’t give a damn.

  3. Also, we do realize Drazen only played 2 1/2 seasons with the NEts right? Buck Williams was a better Net.

  4. I believe Otis Birdsong, Brian Taylor, Billy Paultz and Albert King should get either inclusion on the list, or at least honorable mention.

    Maybe Larry Kenon also.

  5. What about Ray Williams–certainly in top 20, if not top 10. And, just to compare players at same position–Devin Harris above Micheal Ray Richardson? Are you serious? Michael Ray Richardson is another top 10. Kristic above Darryl Dawkins? You obviously never saw these players.

  6. Van Horn should have been left off the list entirely!!

    the reality is the following:–Jason Williams was his close buddy—i,personally, liked Williams–pleasant,funny personable guy–i was at his famed house for a party benefit for pediatric HIV patients about a dozen years ago –BUT williams was also a major league b.s. artist—he convinced everyone that Van Horn was the second coming of Larry Bird-i knew the people who gave Van HORN HIS CONTRACT–LOOKING BACK THEY STATED THAT JASON WILLIAMS HAD CONNED THEM INTO THINKING HOW GREAT VAN hORN WOULD BE-unfortunately Van Horn had no passion for the game-especially to get quick fouls and sit on the bench- after getting a huge contract–was quite satisfied his last year with the Nets despite Thorn asking him to be physical
    Van Horn got traded numerous times because no one could get him to play with any physicality and never with passion–it is not surprising that he quit basketball quite early–from what i heard -he put his money safely away and walked away
    to me Van Horn was a major coward who just didnt care–he should only be on lists of players who didnt pan out

    i cant believe that he was the second pick in the draft after Tim Duncan–what a dropoff from Duncan

  7. I’m gonna go from 1 thru 23

    1 Erving 2 Kidd 3 Buck 4 Barry 5 SuperJohn 6 Bernard 7 Micheal Ray 8 Paultz 9 Brian Taylor 10 Kittles 11 Coleman 12 Lopez 13 Kenyon 14 RJ 15 Drazen 16 Dawkins 17 Vince 18 Jayson 19 Armen 20 G-Man 21 Albert King 22 Larry Kenon 23 Deron

  8. As my last 4 posts have not been challenged, I have to congratulate myself on being correct.

    1. Not so fast hombre…

      Micheal Ray at #7 and Drazen #15 ?

      People remember Drazen as playing for the Nets for only a short period of time but Micheal Ray only played in 13 more regular seasons than Petrovic…Petrovic IMO was the better play.

      P.S. My first name is Michael and I remember the way Richardson spelled his first name (Micheal) always irked me and still does…(LOL)

    2. Except for leaving off Melchionni and including Gminski you did real good.
      Super John is, of course, way overrated, but I reserve the right to do the same for one of MY faves if I ever make a list.