The Glue Guys: The Tony Brown Effect


The Glue Guys are joined by The Brooklyn Game’s Devin Kharpertian. The pod starts with how the Nets have played in the Tony Brown Era, (8:00) GM and Coaching Rumors, (23:45) whether the Nets should trade or keep Brook and Thad. (30:00) Listener Mail including how to make the Nets likable and whether Prokhorov has […]

The Glue Guys: Organizational Overhaul


The Glue Guys go through all sides of the Lionel Hollins firing and Billy King reassignment (and whatever that means). (14:45) A look at the potential coaching candidates, (23:30) R.C. Buford rumors, (33:00) Listener Email including what would you trade Brook Lopez for and what is the identity of the Brooklyn Nets. Subscribe to podcast […]

What 2016’s Crazy Cap Increase Means For The Nets

With the NBA’s $24 billion TV deal set to begin in 2016, the salary cap will spike. Last week, the players rejected a proposal to “smooth” that increase over several years. The cap is now set to rise from $66 million this summer to between $88 and $92 million in the summer of 2016. What […]

Nets Coaches: Would You Do It Over?

We’re looking back at the series of major decisions that led to the current state of the Nets, and asking you: if you could go back, would you do it again?

These will come in (mostly) reverse chronological order. Today, we cover the coaching carousel, looking at who’s had a shot with the Nets.

Link Round Up: Mason Plumlee and More FIBA Basketball

–   Members of Team USA continued to praise Mason Plumlee, but it was Coach Tom Thibodeau who compared Plumlee to future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett. Tim Bontemps of the New York Post reported Thibodeau saying, “He’s a great communicator. You see that he sees things early. He’s a multiple-effort guy. That’s what Kevin [Garnett] is, and […]

The Ultimate Jason Kidd Timeline

The Ultimate Jason Kidd Timeline

From beginning to end, the Jason Kidd ride was short, but always entertaining. From beginning to end, here’s the highlights of his brief Nets coaching career.

5 Potential Landing Spots For Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston, Caron Butler

The good news: guard Shaun Livingston’s fresh off the best season of his career in Brooklyn, averaging 8.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game and keying the team’s evolution into a turnover-creating, havoc-inducing, hell-breaks-loose defense. The bad news: he’s now an unrestricted free agent, and any team with cap room or cap exceptions […]