Landon Donovan, Julius Erving, and the unretirement

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On Thursday, the internet was captivated by of the news of Landon Donovan coming out of retirement to play, once again, for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Donovan, the best American-born men’s soccer player in history, walked away in 2014 following the Galaxy’s victory over the New England Revolution in the MLS Cup. The United States’ […]

“Expected titles” in Nets history? Think again


On May 13, 1976, Julius Erving led the New York Nets to a 112-106 Game 6 win over the Denver Nuggets, clinching the second Nets ABA championship in three years. It marked not only a title win for the Nets franchise, but the final game in the ABA’s weird history and the last time Erving […]

Here’s Mason Plumlee’s Dunks From The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Hey, so here’s both of Mason Plumlee’s dunks Saturday night in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. The first was assisted on by fellow Duke alumnus Kyrie Irving, who threw the ball off the side of the backboard to Plumlee, who pulled it under and around the rim for a reverse slam. It came with a […]

Gerald Wallace: Would You Do It Over?

This week, we’re looking back at the series of major decisions that led to the current state of the Nets, and asking you: if you could go back, would you do it again?

These will come in (mostly) reverse chronological order. Today, we continue with the Nets deciding to trade for Gerald Wallace, and re-sign him to a four-year deal worth $40 million.

HIGHLIGHT: Brook Lopez Does The Slow, Grounded, Seven-Footer Version Of Dr. J’s Famous Layup

Brook Lopez is not Julius Erving. You probably knew that already, as one was a high-flying wing that turned basketball vertical and revolutionized the game as we know it, and the other is a 7’2″ plodding center who makes most of his plays below the rim and believes he belongs in Hufflepuff House. But Lopez […]

5 Biggest Brooklyn Nets Rivals

5 Biggest Brooklyn Nets Rivals

Who are the 5 biggest rivals to the Brooklyn Nets? You may be surprised to find out.

Winner Take All: A History of Nets Elimination Games

Jason Kidd

Ed. Note: this originally ran on May 4, 2013, and has been updated. This won’t come as a surprise, and if it does you don’t even have a rudimentary understanding of the NBA, but the Nets don’t have as illustrious a history as the Los Angeles Lakers. Shocker. The Lakers are an NBA team from the league’s […]

All-Time Nets All-Star Team, The Centers: Darryl Dawkins made Chocolate Thunder

All-Time Nets All-Star Team, The Centers: Darryl Dawkins made Chocolate Thunder

1983-1984 Stats: 81 GP, 29.8 MPG, 16.8 PPG, 6.7 RPG, 1.5 APG, 0.7 SPG, 1.7 BPG, 59.3 FG%, 73.5 FT% 1983-1984 Advanced: 64.1 TS%, 59.4 eFG%, 17.6 PER, 113 ORtg, 104 DRtg, 7.9 WS All-Star Team? No Team: 45-37, lost in second round to Milwaukee Bucks (4-2)