22-year-old bought Brooklyn’s ABA team for $250 per month

The ABA’s answer to Mikhail Prokhorov is a 22-year-old that lives in his mother’s basement in Marine Park.

That’s Dylan Gioia, the new owner of the Brooklyn Skyrockets, according to a feature in the New York Daily News. Gioia reportedly bought the rights to the SkyRockets for $10,000, paid in installments of $250 per month.

This isn’t exactly Julius Erving’s ABA, and Gioia is tasked with running the whole show, from sponsorships to running practices. As the profile shows, Gioia isn’t exactly rolling in dough:

By the time he was ready to go to the bank, Gioia had changed into his work-day uniform: dark blue jeans, a tucked in navy dress shirt and black and red Nikes.

Gioia loaded a sack of red, white and blue basketballs into his gray Volkswagen Jetta — the league still uses the multi-colored balls in games — and returned to his room, which is much tinier than a luxury suite at a Nets game — and much earthier, too.

Exposed pipes protrude from the low ceiling. Dozens of beer tap handles that he collects lay on a shelf.

There were figurines from the movie “Toy Story 3” scattered about.

“He’s mature but at the same time he likes his Nickelodeon cartoons and Disney movies,” said Joe Pugliesi, a friend.

An ironing board stands in a corner. A checkbook lay open on a dresser. Sand bags rest at the outside entrance to his room.

“When it rains, sometimes (the room) floods,” he said.

Gioia may not be living Prokhorov’s lavish life, but he’s the majority owner of a Brooklyn-based professional basketball team. He’s one of two people in the world that can say that.

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New York Daily News — From the basement up: Dylan Gioia is living the dream of owning a pro basketball franchise from his mother’s home in Marine Park