Post-Game Analysis in Tweets


  1. to Max,

    PLEASE READ COLUMN IN NETS DAILY web concerning Lopez lack of productivity against the better teams!!
    this only reinforces what many people excluding yourself see in Brook Lopez as a basketball player

    an analysis of his stats such as last night is very misleading-YANNICK NOAH HAD HIS WAY WITH HIM COMPLETELY-but the stats show that Lopez did quite well

    the best comparison i can give you would be looking at the stats of Jason Kidd when he was in his prime–his shooting looked bad often but he WOULD kill people in the intangibles that do not get statistical attention–the polarized opposite is Lopez–he often and too often–gets murdered in the intangebiles!!

    i reaffirm again he is a serviceable but quite limited big man–in private EVERYONE connected to this team admits he has many flaws–the bottom line is you need to put a monster big man next to him for the nets to get further
    the fact that Lopez got big money this past summer does not equate with what the nets brass actually thinks of his ability–When the Howard deal fell through,they were left with no other options but to resign him or risk losing him and having no true center—-although to me–Lopez mentally plays like a much smaller player–he seems quite passive by nature and clearly doesnt like to get physical against other teams legitimate big men!!to me this is why his performances are almost always subpar whenever teams get tough with him–all within the rules!!

  2. one last comment

    i have nothing personal against Lopez–in fact my friends with the team all say he is personally the nicest guy on this team–on the other hand,i want them to get to the finals–Lopez will never be more than a supporting cast if that is ever going to happen!!
    King will have to figure out how to get a team together that will minimize Lopez weaknesses-that are being exploited by numerous teams this year!!!

    1. All-star, Nets leader in points per game, blocks per game. He’s second on the team in NetRtg, 3rd on the team in DefRtg (min. 12 MPG). The Nets are 2-5 when he doesn’t play.

      NNL – Numbers Never Lie.

      Your eyes will deceive you, believe it or not. You want to focus on when he gets beat defensively or misses a shot? Fine. It’s biased opinion, until you can back up your argument with stats that tell me that Lopez is not valuable to this team, your argument is silly.

      The Nets have A LOT of issues. Lopez is NOT one of them.

    2. He’s also 4th in the league in PER. Just behind LeBron, Durant and CP3. Ahead of Parker, Duncan, Melo, Wade, Griffin, Westbrook, Harden, Kobe.

      Say what you want, the numbers do not back up your argument. And unlike you, the numbers catch everything.

  3. u gotta consider the fact that lopez is still getting better though. he showed a huge improvement from his last 2 years, something that NBA players cannot show.

    i agree that putting a smarter defensive PF (just not reggie evans for the love of all that is good) would help him tremendously. however way u wanna look at it, brook lopez is still an overall top 10 center in the NBA. as he improves defensively and the coaching staff makes better use of him (more pick and rolls please!), i think he can be arguably top 5 overall. some might argue he already is

    i think lopez however is overrated in the post. he gets bailed out with the rip move, his jumper is overrated (ppl ever notice its either a swish or barely hits the backboard?), and once he is outside of 9-10foot range, he just looks awkward and like the lopez of 3 years ago. he’s good in the post, but not great. much more effective coming off screens, and he’s showing that he can run the floor this year

  4. Max,Max,Max

    i have a hard time figuring out why you are so bent out of shape about numbers analysis!!

    this is not how you evaluate a players worth and effedctiveness!!

    there is clearly MUCH more to judging a player than by numbers or what he is paid!! i dont think i am able to get this through to you!!!i have tried my best,however,to no avail.

  5. Agree with Max totally. Lots to bitch about this weekend. Lopez is least of our worries. Beides, he is the youngest starter and 3rd highest player on the team.

    Please stop starting Reggie Evans. PLease.

  6. Max,

    you are bent out out of shape over statistics

    i, intermittently, have dinner with aa large group in nyc including some nba people–just to prove a point–i will bring up the name Hollinger-and see how if anyone knows who this is–i dont-i bet no one else will either!!

    1. Please do us all a favor and hit the reply button for once. Second, if you don’t know who John Hollinger is then you are on another planet (which I previously suspected, now confirmed). Can’t take you seriously anymore, sorry.

  7. Maxie,

    havent you realized yet that when people get defensive as you write- it is a well known sign that they cant support themselves in a thoughtful way

    the inability you have to support yourself only leads to the conclusion how shallow your statements are!!

    1. Reply button please, it’s not hard, I promise.

      Find it ironic that your saying I can’t support my arguments when I’ve showed you a multitude of reasons as to why Brook Lopez is the Nets best player and an All-star using statistics. Your eyeballs don’t count as backing up your argument just so you know. If you want to tell me something such as Lopez is a poor defender, show me stats. Your opinions are WORTHLESS without evidence. You have not shown me one stat yet. You make false claims with no evidence and therefore you are on a completely different planet from the rest of us.

  8. Maxie,,

    i think you need some thought provoking couRses at SUNY ALBANY
    the school hasnt taught you how to think yet!

    no matter how much i try to have you start thinking that statistics are not the way to analyze the merits of a player–you cant fathom this!!!

    im sorry but we have zero common ground to chat– i agree you know stats but you clearly dont know basketball

    1. Reply button, not hard…

      PLEASE – I’m begging you to PROVE to me that Brook Lopez is a poor defender. You’ve yet to do it. Maybe because you can’t? Again, what you “see” on the court doesn’t count as proving something.

      So please, for your next comment, PROVE to me that Brook Lopez is a poor defender, that’s all I’m asking.

  9. go to a game and watch–there is not a sole sitting in my section who sees him as a good defender
    if you believe basketball merits are based upon stats-forget it-we have nothing to discuss

    bye,bye Maxie

    1. And what if I “go to a game and watch” and have a different opinion? Who’s right and who’s wrong?

      YOU CANNOT PROVE IT. You completely embarrassed yourself in this discussion by bringing something up without proving that it’s correct. You are absolutely clueless.