Nets Take Season Series: Nets 101, Celtics 93 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Superstar mode: engaged. Quick, made good decisions, shot well, drove into the lane with purpose, and played like a great player who’s not in pain. Put opposing defender Avery Bradley — arguably the best perimeter defender in the NBA — on the bench with foul trouble all game. Other than a couple of well-deserved heat checks, not really much to complain about tonight.


I don’t know if he’s fully healthy — only he can really answer that question — but the way he’s shooting, in spot-ups, isolations, and attacking in the post, he looks it.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Left the game in the first half with a left heel contusion and wouldn’t return. Injury aside, some painful struggles to watch early — he had issues even catching the ball in the first quarter — but did hit a field goal, a putback two-hand slam.

Brook Lopez CENTER

A few things about Brook Lopez I enjoyed tonight: The Tyson Chandler-esque backtaps; tapping a loose ball out to the perimeter to the point guard to reset the offense; his help attempt to stop Brandon Bass, even if it didn’t work; his soft touch around the rim throughout the game; his left-handed dunk in traffic, his dunk to put the Nets up 99-82 in the fourth quarter. All-Star game from an All-Star player.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

My stomach hurts, but I’m cool with it.


Somehow, a one-point game with 14 rebounds is almost more comforting.


Was most successful when he didn’t play like a point guard, but roamed off the ball and snuck open spot-up looks.


  1. Toss the regular season performance prior to ASB out because Deron is now on a different level. Basically the change is as much as for the Wizards when John Wall came back. Add in Reggie getting the minutes to crash the boards and Mirza getting sat on the bench until he can get in a summer of work (he is talented, he just isn’t ready this season or at least the offense couldn’t find a way to correctly use him) and this is a completely new team.