Nets may re-open Dwightmare?

Here we go again?

Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM, citing sources, reports that the Nets may quietly look to re-insert themselves into the conversation to acquire current Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard.

Per Rudolph on Sulia, Nets general manager Billy King has monitored the situation in Los Angeles closely and has looked for a third team to make a trade possible:

According to sources, King was planning to contact the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to gauge their interest in a three-team trade that would send Kevin Love to the Lakers, Brook Lopez to the Timberwolves and Dwight Howard to the Nets. Other small pieces would need to be included, but the proposed trade was thought to be intriguing enough to start conversations in the Lakers front office that would force them to deal with Howard earlier than planned.

That idea, however, was hurt when Love was sidelined 8-10 weeks with a broken hand. The Nets believed the Lakers would be interested in Love, but not an injured Love, even if they’re facing missing the playoffs, according to sources.

For new Brooklyn Nets fans: welcome to the phrase “according to sources.” You’ll see it a lot in the next month.


  1. I wont part with Brook for Dwight. Whats the point of Dwight, having someone that has better defense than Brook, but no offense& touch whatsoever. Brook has an arsenal of offensive moves to spread the floor, and he is only 23, he will dominate the offensive side for years to come. Dwight cant even shoot free-throws

  2. I hate this for a number of reasons:
    1)Brook is home-grown, a cool guy, liked in the locker-room and is only getting better as a player. Also he really wants to be a Net and has been through a terrible time with this team up until this season.
    2)Karmically it would not be fair for Howard to get what he wants after what he has put Nets fans and the league as a whole through.
    3)There is no guarantee Howard ever reaches the level he was at pre-back surgery. Right now, his defense is sub-par and his offense far less reliable than Brooks.

    Don’t do it Billy!

  3. If this happens, there will be outrage. I will lose my joy for this team. Clearly Billy has NOT been monitoring Dwight Howard, because if he has, he would know that acquiring that immature clown can bring no good to a basketball team.

    Even if it makes us better (which it won’t), I couldn’t trade Brook. A guy who has waited his whole career for Brooklyn, has never said a word about trades or being unhappy, and is now playing at an All-star level. He is too good of a guy, too good of a player. Sometimes talent does not reign over character, and there is no better example than here. Don’t do it Billy, we’re begging you.

  4. this is a strange report because kevin love re-injured his hand at the beginning of january, and a few things have happened since then. one of them being the nets getting hot, another being dwight proving is uselessness in an offense that involves other focal points (nash and kobe are to dwight in la as dwill and jj are to dwight in brooklyn). it’s jan 22, a while after love got hurt, taking the lakers out of the deal. why is this being reported now? i think somebody needed an article.

  5. Trading Brook for Dwight would be a horrible move. After the post-mono and broken foot seasons, we’re finally getting a chance to see the potential we all knew he had from his rookie season. Even with the defensive improvement this year, he still has more room to grow. Lopez is the short and long term solution at center for the Nets.

  6. First of all, I understand that D12 took a major PR hit in Orlando when trying to leave. But that was Orlando’s ownership fault for breaking their promise to Dwight, to trade him to a team of his destination for parts in return (I’d be upset too is someone broke their promise to me). He could’ve just walked out like LeBron and left them with nothing, but instead he signed that 1-year extension making him a free-agent in 2013 as oppose to last year; looking out for the team’s best interest instead of his own…smh. This was Dwight’s ONLY bad move.
    I hope these points get back to Billy King & Nets ownership, because I’m going to give you 10 reasons why the Nets would be better off with D12 on their squad.
    1. HE’s #1-D12 is hands down the best center in the NBA. The Lakers knew this. That’s why they traded Andrew Bynum (the 2nd best big man in the game) for D12. L.A. knew that Bynum was a top tier big man, but Dwight is “better”. They traded away a number 2, for a number 1. In other words, they saw this as an opportunity to upgrade and they did. Bottom line, if you trade away your Center, for D12 in return, you’ve just upgraded because D12 has been and still is undisputedly the best Center in the NBA; hands down.
    2.DEFENSE-D12 is relentless on defense. Dwight doesn’t take a night off on the defensive. 3X defensive player of the year and would’ve won it for a 4th time in a row of he didn’t get hurt last year. He’s every team’s dream big man.
    3.Star Power- D12 is an NBA superstar! In 2011, ESPN ranked him as the 2nd best player in the league behind LeBron, in 2012, he was ranked 3rd behind Kevin Durant & LeBron. Barclays Center would be sold out to see NYC new stars: D.Will, Joe Cool, Crash & D12 (a real super team). The team will be the talk of the town and take away publicity from the Knicks. D12’s name will bring fans from the Knicks to the Nets because of his star power, smile, marketability, etc. There will be three legitimate NBA Superstars on this team; two of which are the NBA’a top ten players according to ESPN 2012-2013 rankings. Brook Lopez doesn’t have that cache.
    4.Heart- Lopez scores, but that’s about it. The Nets have enough scorers. Lopez doesn’t bring what D12 can brings to a franchise. D12 scores about the same, but averages more rebounds, blocks, and plays with more emotion and heart. These are things we’ve been trying to get out of Lopez for a while now, but he’s too much of a “nice-guy” to get up in somebody’s face, block, dunk or foul hard and stare them down. He just doesn’t have the “Brooklyn” personality to match the team. He’s a West Coast, laid back kind of dude.
    5. Loves Brooklyn-Dwight “wants” to be here. He’s tried to come here to Brooklyn on many occasions; but was screwed over by Orlando management. Stephen A. Smith has said this past summer that Brooklyn was Dwight’s 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice. He’ll embrace Brooklyn, and we’ll embrace him as our own. To say you want Dwight over Brook as a Nets fan right now may be unpopular, but that’ll be short-lived once he’s acquired. Because of what happened in Orlando and what’s currently happening in L.A. has nothing to do with D12 being a bad teammate; the media is perpetuating this image of him because he wants to freedom to go where he please. The Orlando/L.A. debacle is because Dwight’s Heart is in Brooklyn. His personality will mesh with the current Nets in the locker room; especially D. Will.
    6. Championship-If we really want to win the whole thing, D12 has to be on this squad. The best Center coupled with arguably the best point guard, and one of the best shooting guard/closers in the league is a blueprint for success. We’ll be strong where Miami & NY are weak, we’ll be young where Boston is old! D12 has already led a mediocre Orlando team to the NBA Finals against Kobe & the Lakers. He beat that 66 win Cleveland team with LeBron single handedly in five games. Imagine what he can do with this All-Star team?
    7. Superman-D12 is a physical specimen. He’s 6’11 260lbs of pure muscle. He runs like a deer and can jump out the gym and a lot more durable than Lopez, who is an “injury” waiting to happen. What more can you ask for?
    8. The Takeover-If you really want to “make a statement” as an organization, if you want to take over the town and have NYC scream Nets as oppose to Knicks, this move with do so. The Knicks are no match for this squad in Brooklyn if D12 is here. The Knicks have the personality on their roster with Carmelo, J.R. and Rasheed, and the NETS need a star with personality too. With D12 as a Net, we’ll rule the back pages and rule on the court as well. D12’s personality, no nonsense attitude and emotion will translate through this team. The team lacks emotion; attitude and they don’t play with a “chip on their shoulders” so to speak. D12 will bring the tangibles as well as the intangibles to win. Brook is cool, but D12 is the missing piece.
    9. Celebrity-He brings celebrity status that can be marketed off the court with his cool & funny personality and smile. D12 as a brand is “Blockbuster”. He’ll quickly become the face of this franchise and a stable in the NYC celebrity arena. To let the world know about our team in BK, we need a celebrity like Howard playing on our squad. His marketability is endless: commercials, community functions, magazines, billboards, shows, movies, runways, appearances, sitcoms, Saturday Night Live, etc. He’ll bring the publicity this team needs for a legitimate takeover. Fans who live & die blue & orange will have to convert or at least come on out to Barclays Center to see NY’s new home team. The possibilities are endless.
    10. It makes sense-Just like how it made sense for L.A. to trade the 2nd best big man in the league for the 1st, it would make for the Nets to acquire D12 in a trade because that would be a significant upgrade for reasons on and off the court. If he’s not winning in L.A. with a team consisting of Kobe, Gasol, Metta & Nash, do you think he’ll win when those 4 guys are gone? D’Antoni can only coach a certain style of player: shooters. The Nets can offer L.A. shooters, young legs, and offensive minded center in Brook Lopez (which D’Antoni would love) & future picks for D12. Before the season, D12 said he won’t sign an extension until he sees how the season goes. Well, it aint working out in L.A. They will not make the playoffs after championship expectations in the summer; so sad. So why won’t L.A. just swallow their pride and get back a quality big man in Brook and shooters in return for D12. If D12 walks this summer, he’s going to either ATL (his hometown) or Dallas alongside Dirk, O.J. Mayo, Collisin and whatever top free agent Cuban acquires this summer. D12 needs to tell LA he’s not coming back for him to wine up in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

    1. i feel like i’ve read this list before. and again, while i love him because he’s on my favorite team, deron williams is not the best point guard in the nba. chris paul is. oh, and we’re not going to win a championship by being cooler than the knicks, or getting more nyc media attention. i have no idea what you’re talking about when you refer to d12’s no nonsense attitude and will to win. have you watched a laker game. they have the most no nonsense player the nba has seen since jordan retired and THEY’RE CLASHING. howard is a chump. he’s one of those dudes who wants to look cool first and win second. he wants to come to brooklyn because he want’s his face all over this thing and we just don’t want him here.

    2. lets answer your points 1 x1

      1. He WAS the #1 center in the league. Have you seen him play this year? he is not the #1 center in this league anymore. His Back injury has obviously hindered him, will he get better? maybe. but go ask anybody who’s had back problems, they stick with for the rest of your life. Also Centers tend to decline after their 9th season in the NBA (do some research, you will see i’m right) especially a center who depends so much on athleticism.
      d12s best years are behind him.
      2. actually his defense has been in decline, even before his injury last year his defensive numbers were down, and have you seen him play this year? Guards are no longer afraid to drive at him.
      3.Star power? Nets are doing pretty good in ticket sales I don’t think they need anymore “star power”..smh
      4.Lopez only scores? have you seen the Nets this year? Lopez has improved in every aspect of his game including defense and rebounding, D12 might still be better than Brook in reb. and defense but the gap is no where near as huge as it used to be. also did you not see him block the crap out of the Knicks in the last few minutes of Mondays game?
      5. because Brook doesn’t love Brooklyn too? how is this a point pro D12? and come on, two teams in two years go down in flames, he doesn’t even get a little blame? open your eyes buddy…
      6. what can he do with an all-star team? umm I don’t know go ask the Lakers…he doesn’t have bum teammates anymore, Kob

      1. continued:

        6. Kobe, nash, Gasol and Artest and he still can’t win…if he can’t make that work whats to say he would make it work in Brooklyn?
        7.umm what? Brook is an injury waiting to happen? D12 has a bad back, like I said before that follows you around for the rest of your life…especially when you play a game where you constantly run, jump and get beat up.
        8.stop. the Nets have already taken over as much as they can, the only thing that would give them more respect is to win. just getting D12 will change nothing.
        9. Celebrity… really that’s an actual point? come on. the Brooklyn Nets are arealdy a cultural phenomenon the merchandise is everywhere, its “cool” to be a nets fan across the country. D12 is not going to add to that.
        10. ummm exactly it didn’t work with the Lakers what makes you think it would work in Brooklyn? The Nets are doing very well now is not the time to mess with the team to bring in the Diva that is Howard.

        1. love it andres torres. the sad thing is that this dude’s list is a pretty accurate portrayal of the dwight’s worldview. celebrity above all else. this is brooklyn buddy. manhattan is across the bridge. we gotta be more tony allen than dwight howard, grit and grind!!!