Brilliant Nets fan gets black jersey signed in… black pen

For the guy in this black Brooklyn Nets jersey in the video below, his night didn’t quite go as planned. Not only did his team get blown out by 22, but he, along with the rest of the Pepsi Center, missed out on an opportunity to receive free tacos if the Nuggets scored 110 points (they scored 109).

As you’ll see in the video below, just as a bit of good luck comes this guy’s way: he gets the attention of Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams to ask for an autograph. But, Williams takes a black sharpie from the fan and proceeds to sign on the fan’s… black jersey. Take a look:

I blame the fan for this. How do you bring a black sharpie with a black jersey? He doesn’t seem too upset that the signature didn’t come out as planned. Cool, bro.