Nets 113, Kings 93: The Mirza Game & The MarShon Game

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

In Kidd-esque fashion, D-Will flirted with a triple-double throughout the game Thought he used screens really well, especially in the early part of the game; got to the rim on a pick-and-roll with Lopez on the first possession of the game. Undeniable how well he’s hitting his outside shots now, in a way he didn’t early in the season.


Smooth, quiet shooting night for Johnson, who did get a floater or two in the lane but otherwise continues his slow trend outward away from the basket. In 34 games this season, Johnson has now attempted 2 or fewer free throws 18 times. Not a criticism, more an observation. When his outside shot’s falling, can’t really complain about good looks.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

I know the Kings are bad and the statline doesn’t show it, but I thought Wallace played a really effective game tonight off the ball — some solid screens and great defensive rotations. Let everyone else succeed around him.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Amazingly effective offensive game — scored both inside and outside — and the team barely needed him.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Really good one to see. Another crafty interior game from Blatche — deked DeMarcus Cousins and scored in nifty ways in the lane on a regular basis. Picked up another double-double playing in Brook Lopez’s “rest after leading us in scoring in a double-overtime” game.


Welcome back, MarShon. Floaters in the lane, defense-splitting dribble moves, attacks in the lane, impossible fadeaway jumpers with the shot clock approaching zero, and questionable defensive decisions. It’s like last year’s MarShon never left.


Reggie Evans attacking the rim with ferocity is not a Reggie Evans that I’m used to. I said after yesterday’s game that he wasn’t really a starter despite his rebounding appetite and excellent beard, but Evans can function as a decent fifth man when everyone else is running on all offensive cylinders like tonight.


Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

AIR MIRZA! First: holy Mirza, Mirza got up on that dunk in the fourth quarter and kicked his legs out Air Jordan-style.

Teletovic’s best game yet: outside of one weird moment when he chose not to shoot an open three, only to get the ball back and miss it out of rhythm, Teletovic helped the Nets extend their first-half lead with a barrage of outside shots and one dunk attempt that looked unlike any rack attack we’d seen from the Bosnian Bomber all year.


  1. Brook has gotten so much better at reading a defense. All those bad habits he picked up from us sucking so much for years he has slowly cut down. He made some very sharp crisp passes tonight and was being aggressive all night.

    He even moved posted up Demarcus Cousins which i though he would not be able to do but he did and got fouled on the play. The refs really give Brook a raw deal. He gets hacked a lot more than the refs like to call. I am glad they are giving him the rip through now because that is a legit foul imo

    Deron is finally playing to his strengths and reading the defense instead of forcing things. He and JJ are developing chemistry and playing off each other as opposed to taking turns which is only good for us.

    Wallace is making cuts and doing more of what made him successful in Portland.

    Best of all the bench played outstanding. I said before the season our biggest strength would be our bench.

    Mirza is a lot better than what Avery was giving him credit for. He finally has the monkey off his back and hopefully this is the confidence booster he needed because nobody goes from unlimited range and best scorer in Europe to scrub brick layer in just a few months. He played solid defense tonight as well. He is quicker and more athletic than i thought.

    Blatche seems to still be focused out there.

    Brooks is doing what he does best. He can create his own shot better than anyone on our team and that includes JJ. I am not a huge fan of him but Avery was misusing him and pretty much killed his confidence.

    PJC made excellent substitutions tonight and his rotation was on point. He clearly knows what he is doing. The best thing that he has going for him is that he trusts our guys. Avery would yank the young guys as soon as they made any mistake. Tonight he rode the bench and let them play they way through. I am loving what PJC is doing right now.

    Overall i think this might be the best game the Nets played as a team. That includes the OKC game. Tonight the ball was moving everyone was involved and best of all the game was very fun to watch.

  2. I would give Avery an F for not getting Mirza or Marshon on the floor at all during December when our second unit could not get a bucket

  3. I imagine the owner got upset during December when they were losing and he saw millions of dollars worth of players sitting on the bench (Humphries & Teletovic).