Mickey P in the house, Avery the micromanager: Shootaround

Some news and notes on the Brooklyn Nets from around the web:

  • According to the New York Post, Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov will attend the next three home games in Brooklyn, against Golden State, Milwaukee, and the New York Knicks. Prokhorov has said he plans on attending at least 25% of Nets home games, which would mean somewhere in the 10-15 range. He has already attended two games, but missed the first Nets-Knicks matchup on November 26th.

  • Brook Lopez with some interesting comments on players finishing their careers overseas. He also calls Barclays Center “the class of the league.”

  • Despite Lopez’s comments, not everyone is pleased with Barclays Center: “it’s as underwhelming inside as it is jarring outside.”

  • Some silly shirts that parody Brooklyn’s home team.

  • Deron Williams: Avery Johnson “likes to micro-manage.”


  1. Re: the Barclays Center link, I don’t know how objective that is. On that dude’s website he even states that he and his partner take a critical eye toward new arenas and stadiums. He may be looking for things to complain about. The price of water? I’ve attended hundreds sporting venues and that’s what water goes for. There are water fountains for free, ya cry baby. OOOH had to drink it out of cup instead of a bottle. Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!