Mauled Alive: Grizzlies 101, Nets 77 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Hard to defend the type of game he had, or, apparently, for Deron to defend Mike Conley.


Took a long time to heat up and by the time he began hitting shots it was too late.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

It’s been hard to criticize Wallace’s game during this recent stretch because, well, the team’s killed it with him on the floor, his energy has been a constant… constant, and the Nets have been winning. But when they’re losing, and Wallace is throwing passes out of bounds, missing layups, and airballing three-pointers… There’s only so much you can enjoy.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Nice blocks on Tony Wroten & Zach Randolph in garbage time!

(That’s all I got.)

Brook Lopez CENTER

Was the only Nets player to have a decent first half on the offensive end, but more than made up for it by getting torched on the defensive end. Marc Gasol scored behind him, through him, around him, and over him. His decent offense was the only thing going for the Nets tonight, which is why he gets the highest grade. But the team’s highest grade was a C-. So there’s that.


New nickname for when he tries to run the offense exclusively through himself and screws up on multiple possessions: “MarShan’t.”


Somehow hit his first four shots, hit double-digits in points, and inspired one of Nets PR’s greatest trolling tweets.

Tornike Shengelia SMALL FORWARD

Giving him an honorary A+ for his 39-point, 18-rebound performance for the Armor. #FreeToko


Not the reason they lost by any stretch, but just another extension of this team’s overall ineffectiveness tonight.


  1. Tip of the hat to Memphis, an outstanding team. When I saw their Wednesday boxscore, I knew this game would be trouble. They play like that and they’re a lock for the Western Finals with a legitimate chance to win them.

    This loss gives us a chance to make a broader point about what is lacking on the Nets roster. Most of the trade speculation has, IMO, been far off the mark. People talk about another SF, or PF…look its nice to try to improve at any position, but there’s a glaring need on this team and no one is talking about. Its the hyperquick little guy.

    Teams with a 1 that’s 6’1″ 185 with lightning in his shoes kill us. Look what Milwaukee, which starts two guys like that, has done to us. But also Jeff Teague, Mike Conley, Steph Curry, Westbrook, the list goes on. D-Will gives away 25+ pounds to these guys and 3-4 inches of center-of-gravity. No way he can guard them.

    There’s going to be games where we should start DW at 2, JJ at 3 and GW/RE/CH at 4. We see this is lineup with CJ in spots where we need points. So why isn’t CJ the answer to this need. Two reasons. First, his game isn’t the hyperspeed break-you-down game we are talking about–he’s not actually that quick. Second, he’s our back-up and we need him in that role.

    Adding to the urgency of getting a speedy gonzalez guy, take a look at our likely first round playoff match-ups: Jennings/Ellis, Teague/Harris, Augustine/Hill, even Rondo. Nate Robinson could kill us. We can’t guard any of these guys.

    I leave to the experts who is available and how we can obtain him. But there can be no legitimate doubt that we are a flawed, incomplete team until we do.