Nets racing up power rankings

We don’t normally highlight power rankings from around the league here on The Brooklyn Game, but eagle-eyed reader Ken noticed something interesting in the latest USA TODAY NBA power rankings. The Nets currently rank 14th in their NBA power rankings, but in their last game against the 13 teams above them, they’re 8-5, with one of those losses (against the Houston Rockets) coming before January 1st. They’ve won each last game against the five teams ranked directly ahead of them.

Things have changed a lot in 2014, that’s for sure. Chart below.

Rank/ Team USA TODAY Notes  Last game vs. Brooklyn
1 San Antonio
If this winning streak gets too long, Gregg Popovich might try playing down a man.  Won 103-89
2 Oklahoma City
How good is Kevin Durant? “He’s like Jesus in this league,” Raptors guard Greivis Vasquez says.  Lost 120-95
3 Los Angeles
Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan all are in the top 11 in win shares this season.  Won 102-93
4 Indiana
Paul George’s shooting percentage has dropped every month this season.  Lost 96-97
5 Houston
James Harden shoots 41.4% on three-pointers in victories, 27.3% in losses.  Lost 114-95
6 Miami
LeBron James keeps getting banged up, but at least Dwyane Wade is getting some rest.  Won 96-95 (3 in a row)
7 Golden State
It is one thing to miss Andre Iguodala against the Bucks and Magic, another against the Spurs.  Lost 85-93
8 Portland
Trail Blazers
Eastern Conference swings dont often mean facing four good teams in five games.  Lost 80-124
9 Memphis
They are fifth in points allowed per possession with Marc Gasol on the court, 20th without.  Won 103-94
10 Dallas
Monta Ellis is shooting 45.7% from the field, his best percentage since 2007-08.  Won 107-104
11 Toronto
They have two games vs. the Bucks, two vs. the Celtics and one vs. the 76ers remaining.  Won 101-97
12 Chicago
D.J. Augustin has been their best scorer since joining up after Derrick Rose went down.  Won 96-80
13 Phoenix
Goran Dragic made it easy to forget, but they are much better with Eric Bledsoe.  Won 108-95
14 Brooklyn
They somehow have a better record against the West (15-11) than the East (21-20).