Lakers 92, Nets 83: Advanced Box & Reaction

Check out the advanced box score from last night’s 92-83 Lakers upset over the Brooklyn Nets here.

Some brief takeaways:

  • Kobe Bryant had the lowest points produced of any professional basketball player that plays for the Lakers (Chris Duhon doesn’t count), and was without question the catalyst for their victory. That’s Kobe Bryant in a nutshell. P.J. Carlesimo said that Gerald Wallace’s job on Kobe Bryant was “exceptional,” and that’s true, to some degree — Kobe struggled to score through most of the night. But, well, you know.

  • Brook Lopez had a monster line that, when you adjust for playing time and possessions, is roughly what his line would look like if he played 40 minutes in every game. On the one hand, it’s refreshing that Lopez can maintain a high level of production even when Carlesimo stretches his minutes to his longest regulation game of the season. But on the other, he played what he called “the worst 2 1/2 minutes of his season” in the final 150 seconds.

  • I’m going to contribute as much analysis to the bench mob as they contributed to last night’s game.

  • Three difficult numbers to look at: the turnover rates from Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, and Reggie Evans. Evans did grab over 50% of available defensive rebounds, and overall played a fine game within his role. But he played about 23 minutes, and probably shouldn’t play much more than that.


  1. As bad as those two minutes were for Brook, I feel like he really needed that to happen for his growth as a player. The fact of the matter is that the rest of this team doesn’t show up for big games. Look at the numbers all season, and you’ll see that DWILL shows up for a quarter or two, then goes away. Joe Johnson has trouble getting it going on teams when thy are playing on National tv. Brook has been pretty consistent all season for the Nets and that’s what you need from your Star player. I think that toward the end of the season, you’ll see the ball go to his hands more, at the end of games, than we have over the last few years. I hope they groom him into a closer of sorts.

  2. You are spot on. i am waiting for Deron to step up in a fourth quarter and close out a good team. he was good in in first thunder game, but nets were behind whole way in that one. He needs to post a 25 pt 12 asst game against a team like the heat or knicks. ESPN ranked him as the tenth best player in the world last fall. First, he needs to believe that he is, and then he needs to display it. Come on, Deron, start kicking some ass again!