Kidd: Nets to open season in Cleveland

Jason Kidd appeared at a season ticket holder event Monday and spoke about the upcoming season and upgrades to the Nets roster.

Not being a season ticket holder, I was not at the event, but lucky for us, there were some folks tweeting. And they got us covered on quotes. All of these are from Kidd.

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On the team’s age…

“It’s okay to be older and wiser.”

On turning weaknesses into strengths, @TheBKN3 tweeted that, “Compared to last season, Kidd believes depth, b-ball IQ and mental toughness were weaknesses that have now become strengths with new roster.”

On Deron Williams’ health and possibilities this season…

“If [Deron Williams] is not an MVP candidate, we’re not doing our job.”

On the last man added, Alan Anderson, and what he brings, @TheBKN3 tweeted that, “In the vein of Danny Green and Chris Andersen, Kidd believes Alan Anderson will be the dark horse that puts the Nets over edge next season.”

On the value of April’s Game 7 loss to the Bulls, @TheBKN3 tweeted that, “Can mental toughness be taught? Yes, says Kidd. Also, Nets-Bulls Game 7 was a lesson in mental toughness some players have to go through.”

On how he’s preparing to be a head coach, @TheBKN3 tweeted that, “Apparently, to practice coaching, Kidd simulates time-outs in his hotel room – stop watch in hand, talking to imaginary coaching staff.”

Kidd also confirmed reports the Nets will be opening the season in Cleveland vs. the Cavaliers. So that’s awesome.

Kidd said Lawrence Frank’s presence will help him through his mistakes and even laid out his goal of a home record of fewer than 10 losses.


    1. NetsCowbellGuy LESS COWBELL PLEASE….(LOL)   Nets will open in Cleveland but will Coach Kidd be there ?

        1. BusterReal M I K E NetsCowbellGuy Supposably the NBA might suspend Kidd a couple of games for his guilty plea in that DUI case.

  1. why do you guys exist? you write/break the exact same posts as netsdaily. don’t get me wrong, there’s enough room for two blogs and i go back with NAS, but seriously, can we get some original thoughts/reporting?

    1. scoon NetsDaily ?…It seems to me that when NetsDaily wants some original thoughts or analysis they always link to the Brooklyn Game (NAS) guys. In other words one hand washes the other.

      1. M I K E at this point, they both post the same exact stories with very little attempt to find a unique angle. i access all nets sites through feedly, so i see the post titles simultaneously, and i swear each day the exact same post goes up—with both sites *overly* cross-posting stories from espn and hoopshype. i understand the coverage is necessary for SEO, but it’s hard to keep reading without some original thinking, analysis, reporting, conjecture, etc. and yes, i know, it’s the off-season, there’s no game tape to breakdown, but still… just a little effort, that’s all i’m looking for.

        1. scoon M I K E I hear you…When I was growing up there was no Internet so I kind of think maybe I have gotten spoiled with wanting up to the minute reporting and instant analysis. I have the feeling once the pre-season starts we will get more coverage than we can handle.
          “PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP !”  (LOL)

        2. M I K E agreed. i’d rather have this than tape delay games or no coverage like it was in the 70s. i guess i’m getting spoiled.

        3. M I K E scoon While we have had a busy offseason, there is only so much to report on a sports team that isn’t playing. I expect to see repetition between sports blogs for the same team, but even more so during the offseason.

    2. scoon  What do you mean? That’s like asking why there’s more than one news outlet, why not just CNN, or just MSNBC? Lol. Where do you think NetsDaily gets its news from? It’s not like NetsDaily is breaking stories…
      Anyway, this site actually does post analytic articles, NetsDaily just posts news.

      1. drago2715 scoon CNN or MSNBC?? They are complete clones of one another… broaden your horizon