Jason Kidd Should’ve Been Called For An Offensive Foul On His Game-Winning Shot

The last few minutes of this Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks game get more and more confusing, the closer you look.

Andray Blatche’s questionable offensive interference call. Raymond Felton’s foot seemingly out of bounds right before Jason Kidd’s game-sealing three. And now another point of controversy: the three itself, where Jason Kidd broke a rule the NBA is looking to make a “point of emphasis” this year.

From SI’s Point Forward (h/t Couper Moorhead:

Officials will emphasize the “Reggie Miller rule” for a shooter who kicks his legs out during jump-shot attempts to create contact and draw fouls. Officials plan to call offensive fouls on shooters who blatantly kick out their legs to initiate contact.

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Watch the three-point shot again and watch Kidd’s right leg, which he extends slightly to cause contact with Jerry Stackhouse. As you’ll hear in the video, Jeff Van Gundy agrees.