Hello Offense: Nets 119, Nuggets 108


He dominated the third quarter in the Nets’ game deciding run. Continued his dominance in the 4th as well, in a way we haven’t seen often from him. He abused his matchup with Corey Brewer, but also operating from the middle of the floor was a great playmaker, hitting for nine assists.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Wasn’t much of a factor on offense, but showed some great activity on the defensive end, including a highlight worthy chase down block.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Found himself in lots of good spots offensively and was a boost off the bench for the Nets tonight.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Normal, steady production from Lopez tonight, but he gets bumped up half a letter grade for his sweet new hairdo.


Great response from his lackluster first game as a starter, Watson looked the part tonight. His five threes were all huge, but his also penetrated and caused breakdowns in the Nuggets defense resulting in more offense for others.


  1. I’ve read all the reporting and the blog entries for last night’s game. No one mentions the stat that stands out: season high 29 assists. On 41 makes. I do read a lot of its-not-because-williams-was-out kind of talk, and I respect that. But its hard to deny the obvious. Lack of quickness at the 1 has been the problem all year–offense and defense. Check my posts on the Nets blogs–I’ve been saying this all year. Once its improved, each of our players immediately elevates to his talent level. Maybe when he returns, Williams can spend some time at 2 with 3-4 featuring Johnson, Wallace and Evans. The question remains, can Watson/Taylor provide the level of play needed to get deep into the playoffs? I’m not sure…if I were Billy King, I’d be looking to add a speed merchant at the 1.

    1. The overall lack of assists on this team is very concerning. However, the team had 9 (NINE!!) total assists Monday including overtime without Deron Williams. So Deron being out didn’t directly lead to more ball movement.

      PJ does have to find ways to get Tyshawn on the court though. If Deron is pulling his lazy, listless act, PJ needs to give him the quick hook and get someone in there with energy.

      1. Fair point about Monday. I guess the sample is still too small. But it might grow. My own belief is that Williams does not play next week against Milwaukee’s two undersized, hyperquick guards and returns against Houston (Lin?) or maybe Memphis.

  2. Humphries B+ but Wallace B? I know I’ve wasted way too many keystrokes on the Wallace-is-undervalued theme, but no one seems to understand his game.

    It begins with this given: he is assigned to defend the other team’s best player on every play. He’s not spending his defensive time (half of each game) standing in front of a wing in the corner for 20 seconds. He’s fighting screens and matching moves with the world’s best players every night.

    Next is attitude and the fear that he strikes in the opposition from the fearless way he throws his body around at both ends. Pity the opponent going in for a breakaway layup.

    On top of this, he hits threes to space the floor (2-4 last night, huge one in OT Monday), attacks the basket, rebounds the ball and steals it too. Look at his line last night–filled it up

    Gerald Wallace: A